Steven Manchester: An interview with Divine Caroline

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Manchester Author PhotoHow have you been able to use social media (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.) to help market your book?

I believe it would be impossible to be successful today without using Social Media. I’ve pushed Twelve Months hard through Facebook, and asked my friends to do the same. This has created a ripple effect. As far as gathering reviews, there’s no better place than to get reviewers and bloggers talking.

Do you have any advice for new authors looking to promote themselves on these sites?

Be personal and share freely of yourself; Be willing to give away books (for reviews or contests). Engage your audience and ask that they share their thoughts about your work.

What type of writing routine do you have? Any tips you can share about it?

Writing is as much a discipline as it is a passion. When working on a project, I write every day (except Sundays and holidays; family comes first). I use a mini-tape recorder to capture my initial thoughts/ideas and carry it with me—always. I then transcribe the work onto my laptop, where it starts to take on a life. When I’m in between projects, I read a lot.

How has it been trying to balance your writing with your day job and/or family life?  Is there anything you would change?

The greatest challenge for me has been time. First and foremost, I am a dad and my children come first. After that, there are other responsibilities that need my attention. Yet, my passion to write has constantly gnawed at my soul. To overcome the obstacle of time, I made writing a priority over watching TV and sometimes even sleeping. Once my family is taken care of and the world closes its eyes, I’m up for a few more hours each day – chasing my dreams on paper.

Setting is an extremely important aspect in grabbing your readers attention.  What made you choose to set your book in (insert setting here)?

New England (specifically, southeastern Massachusetts). As a writer, it’s important to write about what you know. This includes setting. It’s not a stretch for me to try to imagine a New England winter, or what the leaves look like when they turn colors in the fall. I’ve grown up, watching it—so when I write about it, it’s as real to the reader as it has been to me. And for the books I write—inspirational tear-jerkers—there’s no better background that New England.

What types of books do you read?  How do you think they have influenced your writing?

Any type I can get my hands on. I try to stay up on the works of the writers who share my same audience (Nicholas Sparks, Mitch Albom, Jodi Picoult)—not to mention, I really enjoy their work. I usually catch all the best sellers. I enjoy everything from Stephen King to Robert Parker and Louis L’Amour books. And they’ve ALL taught me something along the way. It’s impossible not to pick up a few things with every book you read.

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