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Manchester Author Photo10 Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming a Published Author

  1. That I would require perseverance more than any other trait.
  2. That it’s one thing to wish for something, but another to work unbelievably hard—for as long as it takes.
  3. That the journey would take as long as it did.
  4. That it would be as much work as it was.
  5. That it would be broken down into 3 stages: writing the book; selling the book; marketing the book
  6. That I could share my dream with my children, and prove to them that dreams do come true.
  7. That I would feel a stronger sense of accomplishment than nearly anything else I’ve ever done.
  8. That I could reach so many people that I’d never even met.
  9. That I could share my thoughts and feelings with my family for generations to come.
  10. That it was only the start…

A Day in the Life of Steven Manchester.

Awaken, take the dog out, make a pot of coffee, shower—while considering the day’s schedule and all the cool opportunities that might await. Usually, this means 8 hours of work, running the kids to dance class, basketball practice—whatever, and then 2-3 hours of writing. It’s most important to spend time with my wife, my family—but when it’s “me” time, I’m either writing or pretending that I’m not.

How to Make Your Characters Believable

Fall in love with the character or hate the character. The only real ingredient is emotion. If you can’t feel something for a character, then you can’t expect your readers to. Developing characters is one of the first things I do when I begin a new novel. I spend a lot of time with this. Once I get to know them well, I allow them to tell the story. It’s important to write about what, where and ‘who’ you know. If I need an antagonist within a story, I only need to think about 3 or 4 people that I’ve met along the way and didn’t particularly care for. I simply make a list of their traits and my feelings toward this will direct the action within the story.

What makes the perfect book blog

A personal touch, where you can get an interactive experience—whether it’s from an author’s perspective or a reader’s.  My favorite blogs include personal insights into writers as well as their characters. The Perfect book blog makes you want to return again and again because you can discover things there that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Another definition would be: One that has hosted my work!

The Rockin Chair front cover


Steve Manchester is The Story Plant’s Author of the Month. This means we are offering sensational deals on all of his works. Steve’s next book will be released on June 18. You can learn about Steve and his books here.

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On June 10, 2013
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  1. Mark Gilleo says:

    “I’m either writing or pretending that I’m not…”
    Great quote. Only a writer could understand.

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