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Manchester Author Photo10 tips to finding a publicist

  1. Research, research, research (which covers much of the following):
  2. Understand your market (first and foremost).
  3. Ensure that your publicist does, too.
  4. Obtain references (these can be as simple as online recommendations).
  5. Identify who this publicist has worked with.
  6. Determine what they’ve accomplished together? (speaking directly to these authors is helpful)
  7. Rates vary to extremes. Shop around.
  8. Interview the publicist and ask specific questions.
  9. Rely on your publisher for valuable input and support with this decision.
  10. Pull the trigger (and then make sure that you provide the publicist with all the support that he/she may need.

How to network online to promote your book

Do all that you can—whenever you can! Truthfully, the more you do, the better your chances of getting your story out into the world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are invaluable now, as they allow for one message to get shared with people you’ve never met. The ripple effect is absolutely amazing. Having your own website is today’s calling card and it’s a must. Also, connecting with book bloggers is also essential in connecting with new readers. Years ago, when I first started, I’d travel everywhere to get the word out. Today, if I spend a fraction of that time promoting my work, I can get a lot more done!

Why blogging is important

Blogging is important because it personally connects you to readers. There are thousands of books out there and limited time. Most readers appreciate getting to know the authors that they spend their time on, and they deserve at least that much. I’ve always believed that writing a book s the first half of a conversation. A reader’s feedback is the second half. Interactive blogs are a nice vehicle to allow this. I love hearing from my readers!

The Footsteps I follow: Authors I admire

With regards to the craft of writing, Stephen King is the man. His book, “On Writing” is an invaluable tool for new writers. He is clearly an expert in his craft and he doesn’t pull any punches while sharing what he’s learned. He writes every day—whether he wants to or not—and if you follow him, he’s been quite generous in sharing his journey.

From a writing style perspective, I enjoy the classics—as nobody builds a story like Hemingway and Steinbeck. Modern-day authors I admire would fall within the same market that I compete in. These include names like Mitch Albom, Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult—just to name a few. They’ve made it, and there are reasons that they’ve made it, so it doesn’t hurt to research how that happened.


The Rockin Chair front coverSteve Manchester is The Story Plant’s Author of the Month. This means we are offering sensational deals on all of his works. Steve’s latest book, The Rockin’ Chair, was released on June 18. You can learn more at our website.

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