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ALL HE SAW front coverJean, from Jean Book Nerd, has graciously given us permission to repost her review of All He Saw was the Girl. You can read the review in its entirety below and make sure you stop by Jean’s site as well!



Peter Leonard’s All He Saw was the Girl is an intense drama of mistaken identity. One night in Rome, college buddies Chip Tallenger (rich and egotistical) and William McCabe (the son of a Detroit working class family) find themselves in an Italian jailhouse after Chip decides to steal a taxi. The pair clashes with an Italian thug, Roberto Mazara, who picks on Chip. Intervening between them is McCabe who rightfully puts Mazara in his place.

Their troubles seemed to be over when they are released from jail with the aid of Chip’s wealthy father. Chip places all of the blame on McCabe and thankful to be released, McCabe takes it all in. Their late night debacle makes it to the newspapers with the two college buddies’ names switched under their mugshots. Mazara then devises a plan with his gorgeous girlfriend to lure McCabe and get revenge on him; only thing is that they have mistakenly identified the wrong college student.

Peter’s writing style brilliantly pits the reader into a fast ride of curves and twists but never misses them. The characters within this book are so dynamic and full of spunk and attitude that whenever two of them meet, it is a clash of the egos. The shifting of the scenes from Italy to Detroit is done seamlessly and it is a non-stop action about finding out where the truth lies. All He Saw was the Girl is an all out suspense that is carried on by great writing that delivers intense action. Readers will find satisfaction after reading this book and will hurriedly scour the bookshelves for more of Peter Leonard’s works.


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