The Eighth Day
by Tom Avitabile

Print ISBN: 978-1-61188-149-3
E-book ISBN: 978-1-61188-150-9
Story Plant Publication Date: August 6, 2013 -- 476 pages

“Frighteningly realistic. Most of Washington really works this way. Homeland Security had better read
this one and take corrective action.”
– U.S. Ambassador Michael Skol

“A thriller with some insights into human behavior”
– Mel Robbins, CNBC

“I was fascinated. In fact, I had trouble putting it down one night and went to bed late so I could finish
the book to see how it came out!”
– Otis Young, “All About Books,” N.E.T. Radio

“A gripping and compelling read.”
– The Sun Daily

A chemical engineer sets in motion a horrendous explosion killing hundreds of commuters and himself.

Hollywood’s hottest sex symbol assassinates a sitting senator.

A grandmother stages a sophisticated attack on a train causing massive damage.

An airplane full of Silicon Valley’s brightest is blown up while refueling.

A series of deadly, unrelated events or the unlikely start of an insidious new terror network?

As Science Advisor to the President, William “Wild Bill” Hiccock is tasked with assembling a team to identify and stop the threat, whether homegrown or foreign. His team – a retired Navy admiral, a wise-guy computer hacker sprung from federal prison, and his ex-wife, a leading behavioral psychologist – must identify and destroy their elusive adversary who always seems to be a step ahead.


“Awesome. I could not go to sleep last night because I couldn’t put it down!”Donna Hanover, WOR Radio 710


Tom AvitableMost of Washington really works this way. Homeland Security had better read this one and take corrective action.” That’s what US Ambassador Michael Skol said about The Eighth Day. Readers with lower security clearances have been equally enthusiastic. Crystal Book Reviews called The Hammer of God “the best this reviewer has read in a long time.” Avitabile writes stunningly realistic thrillers filled with tension, humor, great characters, and a seemingly limitless imagination.


“The author weaves a tale that will occasionally take your breath away and then cause you to sigh with relief…. He is a master wordsmith who knows the value of just the right phrase at just the right moment. His timing will keep you on the edge of your chair.”Bill Twomey, CNG Newspaper Group

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