Lust, Love & Whatever

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An Intense, candid, and unflinching excursion Into the emotions and behaviors of the heart.

In his years of practice as a psychotherapist, Dr. Elias Meyers had guided hundreds through analysis and had treated an equal number of conditions. He helped his patients contend with a wide variety of demons, both external and internal, and he made a difference in countless lives. What he discovered was that people from all walks of life – whether they were billionaires, crooks, or prostitutes – have one thing in common: they are emotionally damaged and yet strive to make meaningful change in their lives.
Now Dr. Meyers is facing a confrontation with the truth that could change everything forever. It will take everything he has learned in his decades of experience to navigate.
More than just an ear to the door, this novel takes us into the heart of sexual obsession and dysfunction. A revealing and absorbing work of fiction written with the insight that only an accomplished, long-term therapist can provide. Lust, Love & Whatever is an intense, candid and unflinching excursion into the heart of sexuality, loneliness, and high anxiety – a true exploration into the nuances of the soul.

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