Molly Campbell: Maura Dowd Doesn’t Sit

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IMG_0554I am worried about my daughter. She is an overachiever. Believe me, her father and I had nothing to do with this. Why, yes, we did encourage all of her extracurricular activities in school, and yes, I did expect her to get her homework done. But we didn’t put actual pressure on her. No.

She really wanted to sell all those Girl Scout Cookies. After all, the district prize was a pair of roller blades. Maura never really used them, but she said she really didn’t have the time, what with raising those chickens for 4-H, and swim team. And for heaven’s sakes, of course we never told her that the stewed chicken we had that Halloween was Edna. Maura thinks Edna and her sisters live on that nice man’s farm. Maura loved 4-H. And the calf? Truman? Maura did such a good job with him. He was delicious. She just adored all the activities in 4-H. She did. It was all her idea to enter the baking competition. She still makes us those cinnamon rolls on holidays.

I even suggested just last week that Maura take a little break from the Crossfit. She is certainly fit enough, what with the Zumba and all of that Spinning around. She doesn’t need to go to extremes. Heavens.

Maura has never once served her daughters slice and bake cookies. I think this is ridiculous—they taste fine and you can make them in no time. But Maura insists that everything has to be “from scratch” and organic. Frankly, I tasted one of her “organic” carob chip cookies, and it was more like a pellet, in my opinion. This is why we ask her to make us the brownies she is so good at. The ones with cream cheese and dark chocolate that she adds to the batter. It took her YEARS to perfect the recipe.

Really, Maura needs to slow down. She is just going to wear herself out. And this would be awful. Because, as I remind her, her father and I aren’t getting any younger. And our house is just so big—if Maura got too overwhelmed with her activities to have to stop coming over here to visit with us and throw in a few loads of laundry and tidy up? And maybe stick a pot roast in the oven? I just don’t know what we would do…

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On August 26, 2015
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