Molly Campbell: Hazel is a City Dog

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IMG_0779Hazel has black button eyes, lots of white, frizzy hair, and a worried demeanor. Of course, all city dogs have this. Urban dogs like Hazel have a lot to watch out for. There are the great, big dogs who seem friendly at first, but then pounce. Pavements are uneven and treacherous, especially when poor little girls like Hazel are hurried along by their distracted humans, who pay no attention to what might happen at the other end of the leash. Not to mention all of that stuff on the ground that smells delicious, but might just be food-poisonous. And the filth! This is disgusting to fastidious dogs, of which Hazel is one.

Hazel doesn’t relish crowds. This is unfortunate in the city, where Hazel has to weave in and out of thousands of legs daily. She especially hates big boots, so winter is especially fraught. One time, a steel-toed boot stepped on Hazel’s front paw, and she shrieked in pain. Ever since, Hazel has had to be vigilant in searching out boots to avoid. So walks demand a high state of alert.

Traffic is also horrible. All that incessant honking! Brakes shriek. Buses. Oh, it is all so loud! Hazel especially hates taxis, because she never knows when one will zoom out of nowhere and nearly run her down. Once again, her human is nearly always talking on a cellphone, so Hazel has to look out for herself as far as traffic is concerned. By the time her human’s attention might focus, Hazel could be a goner. This is a source of constant concern for all city dogs, not just for Hazel.

Hazel really enjoys the sun. She likes to loll in the window of her apartment’s living room, basking. From her vantage point up there, she can look calmly on all the pedestrians below, without one single worry. Hazel wishes in her little dog head that she could use potty pads and never have to go outside, ever.

I sympathize. I wouldn’t want to go out there, myself. Thank God for litter boxes. I told Hazel that she is welcome to share mine, and she said she would love to; however, our stubborn human insists on dragging Hazel out there twice a day anyway. Thus, Hazel is resigned.

I feel for her. City cats have a much higher quality of life.

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On October 30, 2015
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