Kristi Herbrand: A review of AMANDA’S STORY

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This review originally appeared in Books and Needlepoint.

I haven’t yet read Hybrid, but after reading Amanda’s Story I am really looking forward to it. The book actually starts out in Pakistan with the creation and theft of a new, never-before-seen virus that has the makings of being a terrorist’s dream virus. It is from that start that we meet Amanda and learn that she has recently lost her husband and young son in a plane crash. She is having a hard time moving forward and seems to be stuck in her grief.

She goes to Honduras with the Red Cross on a rescue mission, but it turns into much more. She watches her colleagues succumb to the virus that is rampant there, and becomes the survivor that now needs to be rescued. But that is only the beginning. She is placed in quarantine, as they are trying to figure out why she has survived. Having been through so much in the last year – losing first her family, and then her co-workers is enough to change anybody – but throw in a deadly virus and you are bound to find yourself in a new place – not just physically, but mentally, psychologically, as well.

This was a great page turning read and I really felt for Amanda. While not really being able to relate to her story, she was very easy to sympathize with. She has some great friends in the book that were fun to read about and I would love to have in-laws like she does. I am not sure if it is necessary to read this book before Hybrid, but it would definitely not be a waste of time!

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