KJ Steele: 86 Reasons Why You May Have Been Committed to an Insane Asylum in the Late 1800s: #3

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Reason #3 – Hereditary Predisposition

Now this reason would have had a very far-reaching and terrifying arc. Can you imagine the trepidation people would have lived under knowing they had in their lineage someone who had been committed to an asylum?

Apparently such an event would present proof of their own possible instability if they were to begin acting in ways that made others uncomfortable.

Is it any wonder that families were so inclined to hide the fact that one of their own had been institutionalized?

Just when we begin to think it obvious to negatively judge the behaviours of those who willingly abandoned less fortunate family members committed to the asylums, we see that perhaps such decisions were not arrived at quite so heartlessly.


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On March 27, 2015
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