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When I published Women In Bed I learned that there are people who are avid short story readers and people who either haven’t read stories in a long time or perhaps have never read one (except in grammar school) and may not know how to approach or experience the intensity of a short story. As I see it, in many ways a short story is like a one-act play. The camera moves in for an intimate look at a relationship or dilemma and, often, all the action and revelations occur in a few moments or in a few days or months. Even if the story encompasses years, there is still a feeling of compression about time in a short story.

I think photographs can have a similar timeless quality and  intensity to them as well.  When I take photos on my walks, what stops me is a feeling or some sense of a story that makes me want to capture it in the photo and frame it forever. Same thing for short stories. In both cases, whether it’s the color of the sky, the cloud formations, the mid-unfolding of a flower in a photo, or a conversation, an unexpected action or reaction in a story—there is a world happening that emerges the more I stop to take a closer look.

Thinking about all this, I’ve often wondered what photo I might pair with each of the nine stories in Women In Bed. So, instead of wondering, I’m going to do it!  I’ll post a picture, caption it with the first line or two of the selected story, and see what alchemy occurs. One thing: keep in mind that the photo I pick is meant to capture the mood of the story as a whole. My hope is that you’ll read the story and then let me know if my photo selection makes sense for you.

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JK Boarders

From the story, Boarders:

Jennifer was gaunt and rangy looking when she dropped out of a tiny women’s college in Vermont to figure out what she wanted from life and to be with Kevin in Boston. Things with Kevin were cresting hazardously and she couldn’t see beyond the narrow stall of four more months sharing a room in a dorm filled with dozens of  lonely, single women.

[Publisher’s note: click the link to download a copy of Women In Bed ebook on sale for $2.99]

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On February 16, 2015
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  2. Kat Magendie says:

    i have always wanted to do something like this! How awesome!

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