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In the late 90’s I traveled in France, North Africa, and The Czech Republic, not as research for a novel, but to take pictures. When I decided to write A World I Never Made in 2005, I found that the images, sights, sounds, people, places, even smells of these countries came back to me with such vividness that I knew I could describe them not only credibly but in a way that put the same scenes as vividly, or nearly so, into the reader’s mind as he or she went through the book.

The thing about traveling, I think, is that it stirs the imagination in ways that you don’t know are happening, a sort of stealth insight is gained that you don’t know you have until you sit down later and start to create something, a painting for example, or in my case a novel. A World I Never Made started with the idea of an estranged father and daughter and what road they might take to redeeming what they thought was a lost relationship. It became a thriller or suspense novel as well, with settings that are inherently romantic to a reader, a combination that I could not have accomplished without buying those airline tickets.


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On February 22, 2013
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