James LePore: Project 52/2015: Vinnie From New Jersey and Wonder Woman

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14814_1852040lImage: Guardian Angel, © James LePore

So, you’re Vinnie from New Jersey.


What’s your super ability?

You don’t beat around the bush, do you?

I don’t like to waste my time.

You’ve been paid.

I have to see your super ability.

You can’t.

Why not?

It’s not something you can see.

What is it?

I can see guardian angels.


I’m not going out with you.

Why not?

I don’t go out with clients.

She’s standing right behind you.

My guardian angel?


How did you get this ability?

How did you get yours? What is yours, anyway? You never told me.

We’re not discussing me.

I can talk to them, too.

Guardian angels?


What does mine have to say?

She says you’re wounded.


I’m sorry, Vinnie from New Jersey, we have to end this.

I don’t like being called Vinnie from New Jersey.

Why not?


You’re frowning.

It makes me a target.

A target?

For people who are biased against New Jersey.

I’m not wounded.

She says you are.


Something happened when you were a child. She says you know what it is.



She says it happened for a reason, but not the reason you think.

You think I’m crazy, don’t you?

No, I think you’re wounded.

You’re guessing, putting two and two together.

She says you should put your costume away, but you should continue helping people who believe they have super powers.


She says powers.

You’re trying to save me.

She is.


Why are you worried about people who are biased against New Jersey?

They say derogatory things. I love New Jersey.

I think you’re the crazy one.

Maybe. So what do you say?

About what?

Going out with me.

Can I wear my costume?


About Project 52/2015: I like to take pictures and I like to write fiction. This Blog will combine the two in what I am calling Project 52/2015, one of my images mated with a piece of very short fiction each week in 2015. Enjoy.

James LePore is the national bestselling author of numerous novels, most recently, God’s Formula, which he wrote with Carlos Davis. Visit his website.

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