Emily Sue Harvey: Story after the tragedy

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Emily Sue author photoMany will recall the upstate newspapers’ 1974 headlines; TRAIN HITS TWO ON TRESTLE and  DEATHS OF PEE DEE GIRLS ARE SHOCK TO COMMUNITY.  One upstate paper sadly echoed, MINISTER’S DAUGHTER IS KILLED.

Author Emily Sue Harvey, mother of Angela Harvey, who died along with Kay Perritt in the accident, combined writing therapy with her Francis Marion University English major course to get her through the difficult coping process. “I was advised to write down my feelings. That purging saved my sanity.”

These first writings became the basis for dozens of stories and articles in anthologies and articles, including Chicken Soup, Chocolate for Women, Woman’s World, and an essay in From Eulogy to Joy.  Her Renewal Articles appear on webs such as Compassionate Friends.com, DivineCaroline.com, SupterParentsTalk.com, and Dr. Laura.com. In coming years, her writing became a passion. Determined to make a difference in people’s lives through her writing, she imbues her work with moments from her own life, both good and bad. The result, she hopes, are stories and messages that stress joy and the promise of triumph as they draw people out and share the struggle of moving forward.

In her first mainstream fiction novel, Song of Renewal, Emily Sue draws from her own emotional upheaval surrounding her own tragedy. At the time of their loss, Emily Sue’s husband, Leland, pastored a local church. Her experiences and those of other parsonage families provided fodder for another fictional mainstream novel, not yet published, entitled Homefires which delves into the life of a preacher’s wife, the good, bad, ugly, sometimes hilarious, and always REAL. The novel was published by Story Plant, along with Flavors, Space, Cocoon, and national bestseller, Unto These Hills.

The Harvey saga has swept full circle. Having lived in the South Carolina Upstate for the past three decades, Rev. Harvey assumed the local pastorate of Redemption Worship Center for two years, to resurrect the struggling ministry. Emily Sue feels that the Harveys were, providentially, exactly where they should have been at that precise time. Having transferred the worship center to another competent ministry, Pastor Harvey retired.  Emily Sue enjoys time to write and at every opportunity speaks to groups on Renewal, and is past president of the Southeastern Writers Association.


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