Emily Sue Harvey: Plucked from the net

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Emily Sue author photo“My eyes are ever toward the Lord, for He will pluck my feet out of the net.” Psalms 25:15 ESV 

I love Beth Moore and recently she began a series taken from the Psalms on being “plucked from the net.” This really got my attention because nobody, I mean NOBODY needs more “plucking” from the net than I do.

In my case the definition of “net” is “network”, as in cyberspace.

A net is something we don’t see coming or else we’d walk around it. Right?  I looked at a common fisherman’s net . And then Googled a picture of cyberspace’s network lattice-patterns and the two look eerily similar.

Then, I got it. Why it spooks me, I mean. I didn’t see it coming when I got a six-book contract in the past two years. I didn’t know that I—the most technically-challenged individual created– would eventually be forced to navigate the murky waters of a dozen different social networks. Further still, while I’m still learning what the social networks are supposed to BE, I’m suddenly thrust into utter darkness and must decorate and enhance the tweets, posts, and blogs. Aaargh!

I can sit at my computer and write until Jesus’ return to earth. No problem. But the above? Uh uh.

Now some of you out there are laughing by now and if I wagered, which I don’t, I would wager that you are much younger than I am. In the world of computer nerds, I am a relic. Utterly useless.

But I give everything placed before me by the Almighty my best shot. Sometimes the technical process connects instantly, sometimes it does not. I grit my teeth as the Holy Spirit reminds me that this, too, develops patience and then I send out an SOS to Peyton, my teen grandson, to bail me out. Only problem, Peyton now has a job and is not always available. Neither are my other brilliant grandchildren.

Amazingly, I am network-connected to friends and reader fans in Pakistan, France, Indonesia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia and on and on. So I know that Father God is in this plan for my life. I know that He is using the parable stories I write to share with a hurting world to ease their pain and to show them there is ALWAYS sunshine above those dark, angry clouds.  I know that His hand is in what transpires even as I feel incredibly inept in the final “grooming” of spreading Emily Sue Harvey’s “word”.

So how does God “…pluck my feet out of the net”?

By sending me cyber-Angels. Yup. Just yesterday, my rememberer failed me and I forgot crucial steps to posting a blog on my website. So I emailed my “Angel,” Daniel Scarbrough, a Christian brother from my church who helps pluck me out when I get tangled up in the net.

Then he emailed the sweetest words I’ve heard lately: “No problem.”

Another Angel always available is Vicki Moss, a sister who rescues me in countless ways as I struggle along in this hellish process of promotion and publicity.

Hellish? Yes, I meant to say that.

I don’t mind promoting the books, because they are the tools God placed in my hands even before I was born. It’s the promoting MYSELF that I detest! I really mean that. By nature, I’m rather private and reserved. But in this crazy publishing world in which I find myself, they go TOGETHER: ME AND MY BOOKS. So this is where Vicki comes in. And now, Allison Cronk. They promote ME, along with my books.

God uses them all to teach me that I CAN stretch a bit when called for.

Angels? Yes!!!  You just need to look for them. They are all around us, helping us to do His will. If they can help techni-challenged me, they can help you, too. In fact, they already are. Think about it.

Let us pray: Father God, thank you so much for plucking us from nets that entrap us and many times deter us from accomplishing what you’ve put us here to do.  And thanks for all the beautiful “Angels” that you’ve put here to move about us here on earth, some invisible but many real flesh and blood. Bless those who bless us daily by coming to our aid and making life a bit easier. Help me, precious Lord, to do the same.

In Jesus’ name, amen.


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