Christopher Slater: A Tough Day Parenting

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As I have stated in the past, I do not write poetry. At least, not on purpose. On occasion I’ll jot some things onto paper if it has been an interesting day or two (a term which has many definitions!). This is something I jotted into my phone a couple of days ago.

A Tough Day Parenting

My life centers around you.

You are my world now and forever.

Protect. Love. Teach. Guide.

Tricks. Lies. Distrust

Twist a knife in my heart.


Send to bed with anger.


Say I love you because I do no matter what.

Still hurts.

Hurts us both.

Return to tuck you in after you’re asleep.

Demand better tomorrow

From both of us.





Chris Slater

Christopher Slater is a middle school history teacher, the inaugural winner of the AuthorsFirst novel writing contest, and one of the most distinctive voices we’ve seen. His debut novel PUP, is out June 16, 2015. Visit his website for more.  

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On June 9, 2015
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