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For years now, reviewers and famous fans have been raving about Peter Leonard’s intense, immediate thrillers. If you haven’t discovered this extraordinary writer yourself, his new novel Eyes Closed Tight is the perfect place to start. The most powerful work to date by one of the most thrilling suspense novelists of our time, Eyes Closed Tight is relentless, surprising, and deeply satisfying.

Read more about Eyes Closed Tight here.

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Steven Manchester’s emotional, unforgettable novel The Rockin’ Chair became The Story Plant’s third #1 bestseller (and the second for the author) when it hit #1 on the Nook overall bestseller list in early April.

You can read more about it here.


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We’re proud to announce our very first audiobook production. Paul Fleschner brings Lou Aronica’s USA Today bestseller The Forever Year to life vividly. You can listen to a sample here.

Elmore Leonard in Detroit, Michigan, 1992. Photograph: Michael Brennan/Getty Images

Peter Leonard wrote this beautiful tribute to his father, Elmore Leonard, in The Guardian.

See this recent television interview with national bestselling author Emily Sue Harvey.

Publisher Lou Aronica wrote about mentoring in a recent issue of Publishers Weekly.

The Detroit News had a terrific feature on Peter Leonard and the legacy of his father Elmore Leonard.

Story Plant publisher Lou Aronica published this multi-part piece for writers in


Rave Roundup

Here's what reviewers are saying about some of our titles:

“Jessica is whip-smart, funny, and interesting, and these characteristics are reflected in her fiction. I devoured her latest short story collection, Women in Bed.”
– Ann Kingman, Books in the Nightstand on Women in Bed

“Enormously satisfying…. Peter Leonard, son of the late Elmore, has inherited his father’s talent for lithe, witty prose and his knack for twisty, propulsive storytelling.”
– The Independent on Back From the Dead

“Hystera is a must-read…. A uniquely moving reading experience.”
– Like an Open Book on Hystera

“This novel is a phenomenal read. It is a book that I could never get tired of reading. This wonderful book, with its natural beauty, has got to be one of the best I have read this entire year.”
– A Book a Day on Differential Equations

There are plenty more reviews to read by clicking on any of our titles.

Meet Our Characters

Grampa John is an elderly farmer who is short on formal schooling but long on backwoods wisdom. Meet him in The Rockin' Chair.

Kimo Balthazar is a disgraced shock jock who makes a remarkable discovery when he hits bottom. Meet him in This is Rage

Chris Massi has stood on the precipice of crime and conscience. He thought he'd already made the most difficult decision of his life, but the fate of his children forces him into another in The Fifth Man.

Leah is an angry, combative college student struggling with grief, wildly fluctuating emotions and visions. At night, under a full moon, “her body quivered and she saw the furniture vibrate in the light as if it were painted in air.” Explore her story in Women in Bed.



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