• The Judas Game

    The Judas Game by Ethan Cross

    When a correctional officer climbs to the top of his watchtower and opens fire on the inmates and guards, federal investigator Marcus Williams and serial killer Francis Ackerman Jr. must join forces again to unearth the truth behind the incident. What they find is a serial killer using the prison as his hunting grounds. But the Judas Killer’s ambitions don’t end with a few murders. He wants to go down in history and has no reason left to live.

  • A World Between

    A World Between by Robert M. Herzog

    A breathtaking novel that thrills on both an epic and human scale, A WORLD BETWEEN is an adventure at the frontiers of consciousness, where fractal geometry, quantum physics, and politics collide to create a story unlike any you’ve ever read.

  • The Dubai Betrayal

    The Dubai Betrayal by Jeremy Burns

    During a desperate attempt to rally support for a controversial Middle Eastern peace summit, U.S. Ambassador Christine Needham is kidnapped on an unauthorized visit to Dubai. Forced to walk a thin line between diplomacy and effectiveness, President James Talquin assembles a new covert team, helmed by black ops veteran Wayne Wilkins, to rescue the ambassador before she is executed by terrorists. But the ambassador is in possession of a dangerous secret, one that, if not recovered in time, could lead to the most devastating terror attack in history.

  • Girls’ Weekend

    Girls’ Weekend by Cara Sue Achterberg

    GIRLS’ WEEKEND is a fun, yet poignant romp through the universal search of who we are, why we love, and what makes us happy by an author who is quickly emerging as one of our most incisive storytellers.

  • A Long Gray Line

    A Long Gray Line by Simon Gervais

    A LONG GRAY LINE pits the International Market Stabilization Institute – a privately funded organization operating outside official channels to protect North America’s financial interests – against two foes at the same time. One could decimate the American stock market and throw the entire world economy into a tailspin. The other is a piece of unfinished business from their last operation that could be even more destructive. Their ability to act in the face of confounding choices will have an effect on the future for years to come.

  • A Red Dotted Line

    A Red Dotted Line by Simon Gervais

    Terrorism became personal for Mike Walton on his last mission—a mission that resulted in triumph…and devastating tragedy. Now the stakes have been raised again.

  • Making A Killing

    Making A Killing by John L. Hart and Olivia Rupprecht

    The sequel to the national bestseller THERE WILL BE KILLING, MAKING A KILLING artfully weaves a spellbinding tapestry of dark history, psychology, and seduction – the best and worst of our humanity . . . and the hunger of our hearts.

  • New York


    The Story Plant is dedicated to bringing you inspired, passionate, and immersive works of fiction from an extraordinary group of writers. We are true believers in the power of fiction to transport, illuminate, and entertain and we welcome you to be part of our Story.

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The Story Plant is dedicated to bringing you inspired, passionate, and immersive works of fiction from an extraordinary group of writers.

  • attempt-achterberg-news

    Cara Sue Achterberg News

    Cara Sue Achterberg’s GIRLS’ WEEKEND became a national bestseller when it reached #6 on the Nook bestseller list.

  • attempt-tanya-anne-crosby-news

    Tanya Ann Crosby News

    Tanya Ann Crosby’s THE GIRL WHO STAYED, already a national bestseller, became a #1 bestseller when it went to the top of the Nook bestseller list.

  • attempt-gervais-news

    Simon Gervais News

    Simon Gervais’ THE THIN BLACK LINE, already an international bestseller, recently reached #3 on the Nook bestseller list.

Rave Roundup

  • Girls’ Weekend

    “A beautiful book that has fabulous characters, lots of wine, and will have you wanting more.”
    – Whispering Stories

  • Perfectly Broken

    “A contemporary fable that hits home on many levels: frustrations of fleeting musical stardom, creative competition, existential angst, aging, parenting, and a bit of erotica. Perfectly Broken is both believable and relatable.”
    – Creative Loafing

  • A World Between

    “It had me on the edge of my seat, quickly turning pages to get to the conclusion of the story. The plot had unexpected twists and turns and the characters were multidimensional and engaging.”
    – Book Bug

  • The Dubai Betrayal

    “International intrigue, undercover agents, assassins, kidnapped US ambassador, betrayal, plot twists, terrorists, The Dubai Betrayal has it all. Action packed to make you sit on the edge of your seat and keep on flipping those pages.”
    – Bookishly Me

  • Student Bodies

    “A heart-pounding book of nonstop suspense…. It was a page-turner from the first few sentences to the very last word with an ending that was not expected.”
    – CMash Reads

  • The Girl Who Stayed

    “The ending was brilliant. The dramatic tension soared in the last section, building to a completely unguessable and unforeseen twist which grips the reader and completely holds your attention until the very very last page.”
    – Bibliomaniac

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Story Plant Media

Story Plant Media is our latest division, dedicated to the development of our book properties in other media. Story Plant books will serve as the basis for films, plays, musicals, television shows, webcasts, and so much more.

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  • BI-Little-Did-I-Know

    Little Did I Know: THE PLAY

    Mitchell Maxwell’s beloved novel Little Did I Know is currently in development as a musical with lyrics by Oscar winner Dean Pitchford (Fame), music by multi-Tony

  • BI-This-Is-Rage

    This is Rage

    Our podcast audio drama adaptation of Ken Goldstein’s novel THIS IS RAGE is a hit. It instantly hit the iTunes charts and it is among the top 1% of podcast downloads.

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